MAD Dance Rules



To have a successful dance school, there must be some rules and regulations.

On the following pages, the rules and discipline of Megan’s Academy of Dance will be outlined. I hope these will be helpful, useful and will answer any questions you may have.  However, if something hasn’t been covered, please feel free to ask.


  1. Where a registration fee applies, a registration form should be completed and payment made to Megan’s Academy of Dance Paypal Account.  Alternatively, please download and complete the registration form and contact Megan to check the address.


  1.   For most classes, fees should be paid termly in advance.  However, it is possible to pay for some classes on a monthly basis.
  2. Where siblings attend classes a discount of 20% will be given.
  3. Payment can be made weekly if prior agreement with Megan has been reached.  In these instances, payment must be made at the beginning of class, before class starts.
  4. Please make cheques payable to:  Mrs Megan Rackham.
  5. Fees are non-refundable.


  1. Pupils must attend classes on a regular basis.  If unable to attend, they should call, text or email Megan to let her know.
  2. If a student misses more than two weeks without notifying Megan’s Academy of Dance their space will be automatically cancelled and allocated to another pupil.  There will be no refund of any fees paid, and any registration fee would have to be paid again should the student decide to return at a later date.
  3. As costs are fixed (hall hire charges etc) termly fees remain payable in cases of absence.
  4. If, for any reason, your child does not wish to continue with dancing classes, please let Megan know.


  1. Hair should be kept off the face and tied back if longer than shoulder-length.
  2. No jewellery is permitted. Short necklaces and stud earrings are allowed, but students will be asked to remove large earrings, long necklaces and any other inappropriate jewellery which will cause distractions to the students.
  3. We do not insist on a uniform, but would advise students to wear comfortable clothing.  Pupils cannot dance comfortably in jeans or fabrics that do not stretch.
  4. Dance shoes, trainers, or other comfortable shoes should be worn for classes.  No bare feet.  Dance shoes should not be worn outside as the oil, grease and dirt damage the shoes and the dance floor.


  1. No chewing gum is permitted in class.
  2. No eating whilst dancing.
  3. Short breaks will be allowed so that children can have a snack and a drink.
  4. Please make sure your child brings a bottle of water.


  1. Megan’s Academy of Dance operates a strict no tolerance attitude towards bullying. Any pupil found to be bullying (physical or verbal) will be taken out of class and asked not to return.
  2. Pupils must show others the same respect they would want themselves.
  3. Pupils must ensure that no rubbish is left, and that the hall is left as it was found.
  4. Teachers, class helpers and parents should be treated with respect.


  1. Pupils must ask teacher permission before leaving the class to attend the toilet.
  2. Pupils must stay in class until their parents arrive, children mustn’t leave the class unsupervised.


  1. Photography/filming/videography is strictly prohibited with the Academy unless taken by one of MAD’s employees for publicity purposes. Permission will be sought after if this is the case.
  2. All of MAD’s dances are choregraphed by Megan and therefore any dances found to be filmed and posted online without the Academy’s permission will result in the individual being asked to leave MAD.
  3. Opportunities will be given where pupils can share their progress in end of year shows etc.
  4. If any filming takes place then no spectators will be allowed to stay through class anymore.


  1. Please be punctual.  Please arrive five minutes before class and enter quietly.
  2. All mobile phones must be switched off or on silent when in class.
  3. Mobile phones must not be used in class.
  4. If a pupil comes to dancing with an injury, they will not be allowed to dance, only watch. It is advisable that they stay at home and rest until they are fully recovered.
  5. All classes are worked out on age groupings, as a guideline, pupils will be promoted into higher classes at the teacher’s discretion.
  6. If you would like to discuss your/your child’s progress or have any general enquiries, please contact Megan.
  7. All Pupils attending Megan’s Academy of Dance, will not be able to attend any other dance schools.
  8. Bad Weather – Snow. Unless dance classes are cancelled due to the unsafe travel conditions then classes will continue as normal.

Any dancer/parent who has any queries or concerns regarding the above matters please speak to the teacher.


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